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  • Rating: 6.6 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Mar

    Don't Park in back if there at closing time you won't be able to get back to your car without walking silk the way around the block and go east toward El other side no connection to behind building.

    Register in the office for a VIP card for 10% off non sale fabric. Also puts you on the mailing list for specials and sales.

    Tons of fabric but my God they need to improve business practices. So slow.New registers? Gift CARDS not typed (with typos!) certificates. You can not use online GCs in store.

    Stephanie is helpful and awesome. Also they have AMAHZING venice lace!

    Lots of choices! Come prepared with lots of time!

    Fuax Fur - Fornice Textile Email: [email protected]

    This is where Allie's wedding dress was born!

    Love the button bins!

    Looks like Mood!

  • Rating: 7.9 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Mar

    I LOVE this Italian Restaurant!! Great food @ reasonable $$. If eating in, try one of their wonderful pasta dishes; If carrying out, order their traditional Gondola Sandwich on homemade bread. Yum!!

    Always have great service when we go here. The staff is always friendly and quick on drink re-fills!!!

    I rarely deviate from spaghetti with meat sauce and loads of bread. Avanti's will mail bread but has a 10 loaf minimum order.

    Very good food, reasonable prices. I looked around and everyone with us had something that looked good. Difficult choices...

    The Chicken Parmesan is one of the best I've had in town, and to top it off, the endless bread was amazing.

    Pizza bread, famous gondola or their pizza. You can't go wrong. Greatest restaurant of all time.

    Avanti's Italian Restaurant provides catering, banquets, delivery, carry out, and pizza to the Normal, IL area

    Fabulous food and great service! Fun place for an adult birthday get together too!

    Friendly staff, the Famous Gondola and their secret Italian dressing

    Bread is good, Sauce is ok. French onion soup is horrible, reconstituted onion in canned broth. None of the soups are good. Fine for broke college students, beyond that it's ISU sentiment.

    Pesto and Alfredo sauce with jumbo ravioli, spaghetti, and broccoli cheddar soup

    Garlic Bread Mozzarella is amazing for an appetizer!

    If you ask my boyfriend you can't beat the tortellini with mead sauce

    Love Tuesday all you can eat spaghetti & their chilli is deelish!

    Be Warned: The famous gondolas are habit-forming. Everyone who moves away from Bloomington-Normal whines about missing Avanti's!!

    Best pizza bread in the world! Their bread is amazinggg

    Chocolate creme cake, yum!

    Join the Birthday club. Get $10 off your ticket & a free 6 inch round cake. :-)

    Order pizza and then take a piece fold it in half and put it on the bread they provide and eat it like a sandwich.

    The gondola bread is so good.

    Gondola deluxe is a must especially for your more hefty friends.

    Delicious food and the price is right!

    Take home a loaf of homemade bread!

    Near ISU campus, avoid the start of the fall semester and parents weekend ;)

    Tuesday: All you can eat spaghetti feast, with salad & awesome Avanti's bread. Yum!

    I ordered the French onion soup. It was.... Bad.... No real onions. Looked to me like it was dried onion flakes in beef broth...

    First day of summer at avantis!!

    You get your food fast!

    Get the classic double

    Avanti's Italian Restaurant

    Avanti's Italian Restaurant

    Sandwiches, pasta

    Love the pizza bread....can't go thru Bloomington without stopping!

    The pizza was awesome!

    Wednesday is free drinks.

    Very pet-friendly!

    Parking for 5 minutes and not going inside to get food will get you one of these.

    gondola dipped on ranch dressing. sooo good.

    You can't go wrong with their pizza bread or gondola.

    If you like mediocre pasta dishes and crappy bag salad, this is the place for you!

    Pray to god you don't get Josh as a server....he's just the worst. And his heads a weird shape.

    Great pizza

    Tuesday is nuts here for all u can eat pasta

    Decent Italian for central Illinois, nothing too special though.

  • Rating: 7.6 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Mar

    Like the 3 little pigs and the southern burger

    Pretty good bar good, small menu

    Food is great!!

  • Rating: 7.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Mar

    Micu ccu 3news and 2nicu all the Nurses and staff are great my son jas been in and out so many times he knows everyone

    Be sure to ask a staff member about getting something to eat if you have a long wait. They are very accommodating.

    Find ur self feelin berzerk sometimes....well, it's ok! Come to loyola for help cuz they have GREAT psychiatrists!!

    They made my brief stay here very comfortable . Thank you Loyola Hospital staff .

    Make sure you keep your receipt when parking in the garage, you can go in and out all day with it

    Highlight of my night was delivering the NICU. Reminded me of when I was 13 working as a "Candy Stripper" at St Vincent's Hospital Green Bay, Wi.

    Here for Sons sixth heart biopsy still pray for zero rejection. Loving it!!

    Great doctors and residents. Excellent medical care

    Love the Trama Team. Matt the therapist made me feel good.

    MEN R BIG BABIES - one small finger that looks infected and has no sensation! Grow up and give birth and then talk to me!

    Best staff ever. Kuddos tp them all!!

    Peanut butter cookie from Jazzman coffee bar -- yum!

    I love the hospital. But they sent me to a sport doctor for my knee. They did nothing for me all they want me to do is therapy well I did that for 2 years and did not help. Hate the Service

    A big facility with many people and buildings.

    Make sure u take ur parking ticket inside with u so that u an get a token to get out.

    Park in the gravel lot if you wanna save $5 bucks.

    The OR nurses are pretty hot!

    Great salad bar.

    Within the sublevel lives a create of the abyss.

    Aggreed with breakfast. The banana oatmeal!

    Dermatology clinic is in LaGrange Park

    Beautiful facility.

    If you park in the ER lot, get a token from security before you leave.

    1st customer at the valet!

    Try the bacon!

    There are tons of red light traffic cameras around this place.

    Breakfast is the best meal at the cafeteria!

    The wifi sucks tho.

    I hate this hospital so much. They killed my Papa.. :'(

    Wifi sucks here.

    Es triste ver a la gente enferma....esto traé muy malos recuerdos!!

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