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Waterfront: Chicago Lakefront, IL

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N Lake Shore Dr Lincoln Park Chicago IL 60614 United States
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  • 11:00 AM–8:00 PM

Rating: 9.1



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Reviews about Chicago Lakefront

Just come here and wak enjoying the view.

The improvements in the bike path have made a world of difference.

Beautiful summer days in Chicago are scarce...make the most of them and come down to the lake front.

Awesome view, not too congested with bikers and runners.

Lovely place for an afternoon drink

It was a great air n water show this year

Pee before you go. . all the bathrooms are locked. Port o potty is literally full of shit....ewww!

A long jog/walk or a nice bike ride is the way to end a grueling day.

Great for early morning workouts.

Have a good run on the trail

Very cheap parking...the earlier the better!

The view!!

Just beautiful day or night!

Do a beach crawl by bike.

The best reward after running!

Great place to think!

Beautiful!!!! Even in the cold

Absolutely beautiful.

Always amazing!

It was awesome!

paradise for cyclists

Bring your own booooooze

Enjoy the view!

sit back and relax

Genießt es...

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