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Metro Station: CTA - Division, IL

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1200 N Milwaukee Ave Wicker Park Chicago IL 60622 United States
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Telephone: (888) 968-7282

Twitter: @cta



Metro Station

Working times

  • 24 Hours

Rating: 4.9



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Reviews about CTA - Division

Stairs allow you to exit on both the east & west sides of Ashland.

Have your fare card ready, or stand off to the side to look for it, rather than standing in the turn aisle looking for it.

This station has a lot of character, like StreetWise!

It is strongly suggested you wear pants in the station.

Don't feed the birds in pigeon park...

If anyone needs their garden to be watered or their pet to be fed I will still be here post-rapture. Just sayin.

No elevator or escalator here... Don't try dragging your big ass suitcase through the narrow exits!!

Do not be afraid to stand in the aisle. Other people want to get on the train, too.

The danger sign shows an accurate way to dance for the electrical God!

Helps to breathe thru ur mouth

But, if you must pee in the station, see if you can hit the third rail :)

It's dank here

Not handicap accessible.

What good is it being mayor if I can't get the rats to do my bidding?!

Please don't pee in the station. Thank you.

Consistently smells like a fresh pile of dump

One of the worst stops on the blueline

Don't know why the closest laundry mat to my house is here :(

Just the tip

Blue line in the morning is a nightmare avoid

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