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Mexican Restaurant: Las Asadas, IL

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2072 N Western Ave Bucktown Chicago IL 60647 United States
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Telephone: (773) 235-5538




Mexican Restaurant

Working times

Mon–Wed, Sun
  • 10:00 AM–Midnight

Rating: 7.9

Justification: Has a stamp of approval from Serious Eats and Chicagoist

Currency: $$$$

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Reviews about Las Asadas

The carne asada tacos are orgasmically delicious. Perfectly seasoned and the salsas are great too. If you like spicy, try the black.

As stated by everyone, the carne asada is fantastic... Loved it on the burrito supreme & the torta! Salsa Negra is flavorful & hottt!

Love the housemade salsa verde. It's thick & has great texture! And is muy SPICY!!!

The only kind of fast food we do is Mexican tacos!! Best steak tacos and now they have Al Pastor tacos with fresh pineapple!!!

While the steak tacos are great, the Al Pastor is pretty good as well.

Definitely get the carne asada, in taco or burrito form. And do wash it down with horchata.

Carne asada tacos are the way to go here. Don't pass up the beef tongue or horchata, though.

Steak tacos! Horchata. Clean. Friendly. Quick. Tasty.

Coming from a Southern Californian, these tacos are outstanding. The meat is tender and flavorful and the quality is excellent.

Carne Asada Tacos here are the best of the rest. With a many taco joints in this area these are very near the top!

The veggies tacos are great! Awesome horchata too.

Steak burrito is so delicious... a little pricey for me but so good.

Freshly grilled, and very juicy, carne asada.

If you're a daredevil with spicy food, try the black salsa. Read more

GREAT steak tacos, but keep an eye on rhe guy making your food if you have special requests since they tend to make the food on auto-pilot.

Get the carne asada and use the green sauce. Period

Steak burritos are the shizz but the dining area could be cleaner

The lady always messes up the order the guy Is the one who hooks it up & always gets it right

Chorizo tacos here are the best in the city.

Steak plate is amazing, plus enough for two meals!

Steak Quesadilla is amazing! El Pator... Meh.

Best Carne Asada in town. I can't get enough.

Carne asada and the black salsa!

Try anything with steak. You'll love it.

To go orders only 30 minutes before closing...and they don't mess around.

Good food but check your to go order before you leave, they've messed mine up 3 times!

Don't make the mistake of going to arturos or lazos when this place is open

grilled steak tacos!

Best tacos ever! Especially the vegetarian.

All the burritos

Get the asada, duh.

Great carne asada! Read more

Amazing tacos!

Lengua tacos.

Veggie taco is a MUST.

Salsa negra FTW

Don't just think that because they have their hours posted on the door, they'll be open.

Love the free parking!

Muy ricos los tacos paresido a mexico

Las Asadas

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